Ringtone and Wallpapers App ZEDGE

➠ ZEDGE provides millions of free ringtones, notifications and wallpapers to make your device one of a kind. With ZEDGE ™, your phone is the ultimate conversation starter, turning each call, text, and screen time into an entertaining experience.

➠ ZEDGE is the most trusted app in phone personalization with free wallpapers, ringtones, apps, alarms and notification sounds that can easily customize your phone, tablet or other mobile device. Join more than 200 million people worldwide who trust ZEDGE

Important note: To use Zedge in some parts of India, you may have to install and run a proxy application first. Search Google Play for Proxy or VPN, install the app of your choice and run it Proxy app, whenever you can install and use Zedge. questions? You can email us at india@zedge.net. Thank you!

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➠ NEW Features include:

– Side-swipe while you preview to see related content and browse seamlessly.

– Improved search capability helps you find everything you’re looking for.

– Icon naming is BACK! Rename your apps anything you choose.

– Discover page features stylish ringtones and wallpapers picked just for you.

– Save your favorites as you scroll ringtones, then view them all in the same place.

– Redesigned upload tool makes adding new content to the app quick and effortless.

Beautiful Wallpapers:

– Search or browse millions of custom sized backgrounds to match your phone’s home screen or lock screen.

– Themed collections including brand name wallpapers and home screen backgrounds from major movies and sport events.

– Enjoy popular Wallpapers for your home screen or lock screen from categories like landscapes, abstracts, inspirational quotes, sports, entertainment as well as live wallpapers and other images.

– Use the Cropper Tool to personalize the image for your home or lock screen.

– Preview and quickly set wallpapers to your home screen or lock screen from within the app.

– Save your favorite wallpapers to My ZEDGE™ to access from any device or share them with your friends.

High Quality Audio:

• Preview and download millions of ringtones, notification sounds and alarms to personalize all your device sounds.

• Ringtones for every friend and family member including custom contact tones as well as your favorite music like rock, rap and country, plus comedy, sayings, and classic ringers and sound effects.

• Easily set ringtones and notification sounds from within the app, including individual contact ringtones.

• Collect your favorite ringtones, alarms and other sounds to My ZEDGE™ to access from any device or share them with your friends.

Personalized Game Suggestions:

• Receive personalized game suggestions based on the apps you already use and love

• Browse all of the new and popular game titles specifically selected for you based on your app graph data


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